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‘We Are Accelerating Towards Death’

January 24, 2011 1 comment

That statement was uttered last week by one of my Nordic walking colleagues during one of our group’s very active sessions up on the local army ranges.The Facebook and Twitter versions of this article have the word ‘escalating’ rather than accelerating but  accelerating is the amended and accurate quoting. Anyway the statement came during a ‘putting the world to rights’ session and although it caused a pause for thought by those that heard it, it did not worry me a great deal; neither did I miss a stride as we began to climb a gentle hill, because I thought it best to seize the moment and seize that hill!

If somewhat ageing people have retained good health, played their cards right, had a fair measure of luck, and have a penny in their pocket, they may well be able to exploit their life experience and maturity whatever the amount of time they have remaining. Whether they have decades ahead or not every morning may well be a joy to savour and every encounter a wonder to behold; each afternoon may be spent recovering but that is another matter, another load.

Even though it is understandable and pleasurable to look back and then fill this site with fond reminisce, we must live in the real world – the present- and try and fill it with a sense of purpose, otherwise we may well be living an unconsidered life. Your sense of purpose may not be the same as mine but that might be just as well.

My fond memories vary from week to week. This week they are all about buying liquorice root and Everton mints from the corner shop in Rock Terrace, Sleetburn; primary school colours in the form of deep filled apple and orange drawings on the board, made by trainee teachers with squeaking chalk; and not forgetting silver stars in my exercise book that confirmed effort and brought personal pride and purpose.

Next week it might be about the red shirt and white shorts that were handed to me by sports master Harry Barlow, for the very first time, and which led me to walk on air down to the Empire before I wheeled to the left and [eventually] joyfully turned to the right into Whitehouse Court. ‘Mam, I’ve been picked for the school football team’.


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