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Facebook Is A Curious Thing

January 9, 2011 Leave a comment

The introduction of Ushaw Moor memories on facebook is a positive thing and it gets better as time goes by. Paul has done wonders with it and all credit to him. Having said that I found a recent article [not in anyway linked to Ushaw Moor memories] in The Independent newspaper very thought provoking:it reported that a person with a considerable number of facebook friends had posted a short piece indicating that she was going to commit suicide; some of her web friends tried to contact mutual facebook friends living nearer to her to urge them to contact her, but according to the article none of them did and sadly she followed through her intention. Perhaps they did not read the message; let me make it clear this is not a criticism of anyone rather it is an expression of sadness that it all went wrong for  whatever reason. 

We can sympathise with everyone concerned and after consideration draw some lessons from this tragic case.


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