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Mussolini Took Me To The Durham Miners’ Gala!

January 3, 2011 1 comment

It all started when I was studying Benito Mussolini via a google search on the internet. I somehow got to British Pathe and it opened up lots of old films. By use of its internal search box you can see short films of the Durham Miner’s Gala [spanning several decades] ; you might even recognise some people in those quality films, some of which are in colour.

Once in British Pathe you can search Durham City via the internal box and see some cracking scenes, in colour, of the city in 1960. Newcastle United? Go for it. Crook Town FC? Go for it. Sammy Crooks can be viewed playing for Derby.  It’s all there and much more! Experiment! I did not search pigeons!

Having said that be aware that Sammy Crooks can be seen on film, being interviewed; by searching Ushaw Moor Memories archive  you can find out how to access that interview. It might even be situated on British Pathe.

Are we all happy about what is in the Ushaw Moor archive and how to get to it?


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