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Reminisce, Reflect And Rant?

We are within touching distance of Christmas Day. Although it is a time when friends and family get together to drink and be merry dwindling numbers go to church to worship and there are too many people out on the streets begging, some of them mournfully and some apathetically – thankfully however there are a few with their spirit just about intact. 

Wherever we find ourselves it is a time to look back. Mining families are good at it. The memory of the orange in the pit sock comes tumbling out with no prompting at all. The box of multi coloured crayons also springs to mind as does, for some, the winter of 1947. That winter  is capable of winding Brian M [the mining village poet] up like a clockwork train or soldier, or both; it is a pleasure to read the contributions of that man.

I could go on to describe many a fond memory of the past, that is for ever associated with Christmas, but I have already done so in earlier contributions and will not risk boring anyone too much. I can however touch on the idea of reflection. To remember without trying to make sense of it can be self limiting; when nothing is learnt it leaves us in danger of overblown sentimentality. A well respected friend of mine reminded me that lessons can be learnt from reflection, however old one is, and it can lead to better and perhaps less selfish experiences.   

I could easily descend into rant mode. I don’t need to be on a bar stool after five pints of beer to do that. No, I will not rant, I will  be concise; our government brings me despair as well as  financial loss despite already being a poor man in relative terms. The Tories are objectionable; too many of them laugh on the back benches at inappropriate times and it reveals an uncaring and unintellectual approach to the electorate as a whole. As for the front bench there really are too many full blown Tories of the worst kind. Chaos is a topical word at the moment so let us hope that when the majority of us experience it we then reminisce, reflect and vote accordingly.

Merry Christmas.


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  1. noodles
    December 22, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Until a couple of years ago I was an active member of the Labour Party. I am no longer a member of the Party as I became very disillusioned. No matter which Party is in power they seem to be on another planet in comparison to the rest of the population. So called Socialists who were sitting on the Labour Party Front Bench, many of them are millionaires the same as their Tory counterparts. The working class are there as a class to be taxed out of existence. Happy Christmas Wilf and to anyone who reads this comment. I hope 2011 brings tax cuts and makes us all millionaires.

    Brian Mc.

  2. wilfb
    December 22, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Merry Christmas Brian. I hope you and your family have a very good 2011, especially healthwise.

    As for the Labour Party I agree that it had, and no doubt has, serious flaws but at least its early history and achievements helped to improve the lot of the working class. It really does irritate me to hear the coalition politicians put all the blame for the financial crisis on Labour when it clearly is not the case; it is no doubt an agreed strategy to blame Labour 100%, on the basis that if you say it often enough people will believe it, but it is a despicable lie and they know that full well.

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