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More Comebacks Than A Drunken Boxer

September 29, 2010 2 comments

Having enjoyed my  creative writing course at Reading University earlier this year I am delighted to hear that the group intends to continue in its own right; it will be on a monthly basis with one contribution from each writer. I propose to make  my monthly contribution to the group available to you by means of Wilfb’s Blog and the first contribution is likely to be up on that new site this October.

From time to time I may have articles that refer to the North East or even the Valley and Paul Clough has the option of putting those, as well as any of the others, onto the Ushaw Moor site if he wants to.

Let’s see if  Wilfb’s Blog works without a technical hitch. Can’t wait.


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St Joseph’s RC Communion Event

September 29, 2010 7 comments

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St Joseph’s RC Communion Event.
Date: Possibly 1970

Back row Tim Wood, John Wilkinson,Peter Dunn,Neal Sowerby,Andrew Robertson, ?, ? middle row Alan Freeman,Ambrose Burnside, Gary baily,
Clifton Ward, Vincent Chatterton, ?,? front row sorry ladies i do not know

Tim Wood