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Time To Say Goodbye…..But

July 31, 2010 2 comments

Well it’s the end of July and this is my final piece. It has been a pleasure. I hope my articles during the period April 2006 to date have been of interest. It is sad for me knowing that it’s ending, but it has to be; if you wish to gauge the level of my sadness Google into – Time to say goodbye: Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman do a good job for me.

So what is the ‘But’ in the article heading? Well I can tell you there is a major hope of a big boost to the site’s collection of photographs; in a bedroom in Brandon there are potentially  hundreds of photographs of Ushaw Moor, from the 50s, taken by my uncle Norman. If that is the case, and it may well be so, I will make an effort to get anything appropriate onto the site – even if it takes years rather than months to achieve it. 


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