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Chewing Gum In Inappropriate Places

Did you chew gum as a youngster? Perhaps you did and still do. Was Station Road a mess because of  spat out chewing gum from your jaw sagging mouth?  Which brand did you like? Were you a bubble gummer and if so how big were your bubbles?

I await the answers to the above survey with interest but there is a bigger question: what do you think of of those members of Parliament that can be seen chewing away like depressed cows during televised Parliamentary business? There are only a few of them but one is too many.

During my career I attended many meetings with members of the public but not once did I chew gum, or anything else,  during them. It simply was not good form to do such an unprofessional thing. Lately I have spotted a few MP’s chewing away at a speed that suggests chewing gum is the item being chewed. The reputation of Parliament remains in tatters owing to many inappropriate claims to expenses by some members; you would  think that chewing members would seek to convince the electorate of their professionalism not encourage more distain. It surely cannot be a sponsorship arrangement because, apart from anything else, the gum manufacturer cannot be identified;  there again one company has the lion’s share [rather than the cow’s share] of the market so maybe there is some lucrative auto suggestion going on. Tongue in cheek there; just a bit.

I come to the question of chewing gum disposal; please monitor the methods being adopted by  parliamentarians and report back if you will. I am particularly curious about whether any of them are in the habit of sticking used gum in inappropriate places.


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