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The Sky’s The Limit?

June 12, 2010 Leave a comment

We subscribed to Sky TV a few weeks ago and it is troubling me a bit. Reception is good, and choice is plentiful, but that choice is the hub of the problem.  There are too many films to tempt me in retirement and there is a danger of sloth and accumulated fat. It must not happen. It must not. I must increase my Nordic Walking activity.

We did not have so much choice back in the 50s but there were some gems. Take Wagon Train; wonderful drama that tended to involve disputes, romance and too much drink. Although Ward Bond was a commanding wagon master  was that a factual portrayal of the role? My understanding is that in reality the wagon master did not have much power; it was his task to get the train moving. Furthermore the portrayal of a train seems to be misleading in that often the wagons were abreast. We loved the programme nevertheless.

Do you remember Quatermass in the 50s? It frightened the life out of me at the time in a way that Dr Who could never do. Those Daleks were utterly ridiculous and there is no danger of them ever taking over the world.

Can you imagine a Dalek playing centre forward for Sunderland? They were so clumsy and easy to panic. By the way the best save by a goalkeeper that I witnessed involved Jim Montgomery. He appeared too far out of goal to deal with a lob but by arching his back and showing  a wonderful gymnastic turn he tipped the ball over the bar. Utterly memorable and not a Dalek in sight.   


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