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The Wage Freeze 1967 | Paul Malpas

We used to drink Nimmo’s 4X, an explosive brew from Hartlepool, in a pub opposite Durham Jail, called The Dun Cow. The prison officers going on and coming off duty regaled us with stories of the prisoners, one notable one being Ian Brady, the Moors Murderer. Weekends were spent at and around the homes of a group of lads I got to know in Durham, who all lived out in the mining community of Ushaw Moor. The two hours previous to the Sunday lunch were spent in Ushaw Moor Working Men’s Club sinking about 12 pints of Federation beer with the fathers of these lads and then it was off to one of the houses for a slap up feed from their mothers who had pity on me “awah frae yam”. Which means “away from home” in Durhamese. There was always three vegetables on the plate along with potatoes and lumps of roast meat, I had never eaten so well. Of all the places I worked in and around England, this place impressed me the most for its kindness and generosity.


via The Wage Freeze 1967 | Paul Malpas.

  1. wilfb
    May 21, 2010 at 8:04 am

    Paul has got to the crux of it. Ushaw Moor, with some exceptions, was a place of hard drinking men and kindly women. Although no doubt the women are still kindly perhaps some of the men have moderated their drinking to match new occupations and more varied recreations. Ushaw Moor people, if my memory serves me right,are very practical of mind; most of them know what is important in life [family and friends] and know how to follow it through.

    We has been in need of some fresh insightful accounts of the village and hopefully Paul will be followed by others in setting an example of how to do it.Postings do not have to be long but ideally they should be thoughtful and reflective. Good stuff Paul.

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