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Ushaw Moor Football Club To Be Revived

April 1, 2010 1 comment

I understand that talks with the Council are at an advanced stage and a team could be up and running in the Wearside League by season 2011/12. There is much talk that Norman Ferguson will be invited to coach the side: he has much experience of football and seems the ideal man for the job. A more contentious proposal is that Norman Gleghorn will act as the club’s unpaid football consultant: Albert Rothwell has remarked that Norman will not like the ‘unpaid’ tag.

Keith Wardman has been asked to run the line if the appointed personnel do not turn up. I understand that he has reached broad agreement concerning that. He is involved with Esh Winning Football club at the moment but might be able to fit both clubs in most of the time.

The mention of of Esh Winning FC still bridles with some Moor folk. Norman Tett from Temperance Terrace feels that the strawberries or Pineapples, or whatever Esh Winning are called these days, have had it made for too long. He can recall many a good game between the Moor and Esh Winning and is game for the reopening of rivalry once again. I pointed out to him that the Winning are in the Northern League and he replied that the Moor are ambitious.

Certainly Ushaw Moor could have a decent fan base in the years to come. Many people smirked when they first heard that the colliery would reopen but now that it is to do so, in 2012 – albeit in a modified smaller form,  a fan base will be there for the football team. They could even deduct money from miners’ pay packets as a subscription.

Clearly exciting times are ahead for those that love their village sport. I will try and keep you informed of developments.


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