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Geoff Is Right!

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To be fair our authors have generally been writing about the period and memories that they can readily associate with. It has left memories of the 70s onwards a bit sparse, despite the great Facebook innovation; hopefully that will change soon.

July 1998 was an interesting period for me and one particular incident struck me as amusing. I went to have a look around Crook and visit the town’s football ground. The visit to the ground was to enable me to take a picture of the very goal area where Crook Town missed a penalty against Derby County in November 1955. I was a kid behind that goal when the penalty miss occured. Being a Derby fan I even hoped to see the Crook goalkeeper [1998 version] and arrange to put a penalty past him – to show how it should have been done way back in 55!

The ground was locked but a nice bloke shouted from his garden ‘can I help?’ I explained what I wanted to do and he let me take a picture of the relevant goalmouth from  one of his bedrooms. The fact that his daughter was still in bed in that room [ a night shift worker] did not seem to inhibit his offer at all. He even left me in the bedroom whilst he got a brush to unjam the bedroom window [enabling me to take a better photograph!]. In other words he left me [a total stranger] in the bedroom with his daughter for one whole minute whilst he got that brush! He was a good judge of character and all’s well that ended well! I have the photograph to this day.


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Loving all the old Memories

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Loving all the old memories but must say I think we should try to make the link between yesteryear and today by filling in the gaps a little closer to this way. E.G memories of mine is watching Frank Bruno beat Oliver Mccall in 1994 (I think) to finally win the world heavyweight title at the 4th attempt. The club was packed and the place was rocking, fantastic.

Also the Winnings when it was owned by Mr Larry Thompson evokes many fond memories, snooker tournaments to keep the youth occupied and an improvised boxing gym in which myself and the Sacriston boxers, (Mcleans) used to train in prior to fighting. The people in the snooker hall used to complain as the balls would move when we were belting the bag downstairs !

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