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Teachers’ Time In Temperance Terrace

That 1906/7 photo of Ushaw Moor Temperance AFC has prompted a few words about the Temperance Movement and the ‘academics’ living in Temperance Terrace around about the time of WW1.

Beer was not the target for many of the movement in its early days – the target was spirits. However by the 1840s many were beginning to seek teetotalism. I have to say that drunkenness became a serious problem in  Victorian times and remarkably many young children not only suffered because of their parents drinking  -they drank themselves silly as well – when given the opportunity.

In Ireland a Catholic priest, Theobald Matthew, persuaded a considerable number of people to sign the pledge but there were several other influential people and organisations striving to do the same – the Band of Hope springs to mind as do the Quakers and the Salvation Army. That’s a point – the Salvation Army got shillings from me many a time in the 1970s by approaching me in pubs. I did read its War Cry and at for a while I found myself  ‘going out’ with a daughter of a salvationist!

Just before WW1 there was a salvationist living in Temperance Terrace – how apt. It might be of some interest to know that there were several teachers living in that terrace at that time and they included: Phyliss O’Doherty, Mr Spears, Jessie Davies, and Catherine Heaton. Catherine boarded at 2/3 Temperance Terrace with Elizabeth Hope and  her son John Thomas Hope [he is mentioned in detail elsewhere on site].  I am descended from that Hope family.


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  1. wilfb
    January 10, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    There is a picture of Mr Spiers in the photo gallery – so – he lived in Temperance Terrace.

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