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Ushaw Moor’s Mining Community And Noisy London

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I agree with Mr Clarke’s very last remark: bring it on Brian. In the meantime I would like to dwell on the noise of Ushaw Moor in Victorian times [and beyond] and also the noise  of Victorian London.

Starting with Ushaw Moor – and Sleetburn for that matter – we had the clink and clank of coal wagons – the noise of steam trains on the main line – not forgetting the local colliery tankies – scores of tired and hungry men walking home from the pit  –  vicar Welby last seen walking down the hill,  with Rock Terrace on the right in 1954 – pit hooters  and deep 1947 snow – which was a great talking point in the Co-op stores of both villages. I could go on with that  but will leave it all to your imagination. See also the associated article published on 18.07.07.

Victorian London was noisy – my goodness it was noisy and the following all contributed towards it:

traffic – a lack of pneumatic tyres did not help – industries small and large – street musicians – cries of street sellers -costermongers -organ grinders – brass bands – English bands – German bands -violinists -hurdy gurdy players -harpists -clarinet players -Glee singers -Black serenaders -noisy cab drivers -railways – bagpipers -scavengers shouting to each other – paper boys yelling out – drunks singing their heads off -watercress sellers  -dustmen – church bells -chestnut sellers – etc etc.

Not forgetting  loads and loads of silent horse muck.


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