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Please Get Me Out Of Here

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

No one can claim to have mastered an understanding of the world and I have failed miserably, just like everyone else. Having said that, now and again one can meet people, or study their writings or sayings, and be inspired; it is as if there is some sort of brief illumination in an otherwise dark place. At such a time we all have to be alert and wary before feeling good about a received message: afterall we have all got our pet ideas – some are probably original- but perhaps most are gathered from newspapers, or other media products, that do little more than reinforce out own existing mindframe of prejudices and bigotry. Do I hear ‘speak for yourself?’ 

Assuming that I have been careful what do I then find? Lots of good people, a smattering of brilliant people and a fair selection of tacky people. Sadly tacky people tend to dominate and poison the world’s well. Much of the world is in an economic mess and although some of it is misfortune, a lot of it is caused by naked exploitation. There are starving millions, many of them  being handed false dogma instead of a plate of food  and often their predicament is compounded by bad governments and other opportunistic organisations. On the other hand better off people are being fed messages that  potions and creams will always make them look younger, and what is more, they are worth it and should take care. 

Ofcourse you can always pop into Summerfields because the choice is so wide and much of it is good for you. Then there is that other supermarket – I have forgotten the name – that will refuse an adult the opportunity to purchase wine if they are accompanied by an underage youngster. Help me.

Earlier I said that some people are capable of illuminating the way through the tacky dark wood, or words to that effect. Well if you have not already done so try Richard Dawkins and his associates. Also try Johann Hari. Listen to Channel 4 news – it does not take prisoners and can often be relied upon to ask the very questions that you are wanting to put.  

What has the above got to do with memories? Well it is the almighty contrast with another world: Ushaw Moor and Sleetburn c 1954 -1960. It such a world we can conjure up innocence, sunshine, regular work for the uninjured Ushaw Moor miner , bluebells, the baker’s van with its custard tarts, Stan Watson and his wide selection of fireworks, lost school caps, Harry Barlow,  Soccer Gleghorn, Sherburn County School being battered 11-0 by Ushaw Moor County and on and on. Was it  better then? No sir, the big world outside of that six year valley bubble was probably even worse then, for many, than the big world is today. 

I always look forward to discussion and argument. Sadly even the mention of  Richard Dawkins fails to activate a storm in this particular wild wood. That is so sad. Still there are other woods.


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