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Newcomers Feeling Cold?

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

My goodness it is cold in Ushaw Moor today! On the subject of coldness are newcomers welcomed to the village? Is there a fair amount of integration? There are some people that seem to resent newcomers on the grounds that they are buying property that long standing villagers cannot afford.

 I am not in sympathy with such whining locals. The typical mining village was created because of economic considerations, that is the profit motives of landowning big shots or industrialists, and for no other reason. Economics will continue to change landscapes and if newcomers are attracted to the houses that are being built, can afford them because of their hard earned cash or mere good fortune, so be it.

Newcomers ought to be made welcome and I am not saying that they are not in Ushaw Moor. No doubt there are many types of newcomers, ranging from pleasant to obnoxious, but as long as they do not encroach on long standing villagers’ rights surely there is no serious problem. Has any newcomer bought an expensive house next to a church and moaned about the church bells? How annoying is that?      

So what is the score? Is Ushaw Moor a happy place? I bet the newcomers are not knocking on your door asking for sugar because they have run out of it! They are new blood nevertheless.


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