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Be Wary Of Newspapers And Tories

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So the Conservatives have courted The Sun successfully. Whatever Mr Brown might do to put a brave face on it, newspapers are able to persuade and influence people to do things – like vote Tory. I am not one of the few dogmatic Geordies that used to step out of a pit cage; I am living down ‘sooth’, long retired from pen pushing, and concerned about what the Tories might do in power. No doubt their worst excesses will be prevented by potential voters wrath: nevertheless – is it really likely that they will help the North East with any great enthusiasm? No. Cheshire maybe.

A couple of years ago, within an article published in a national newspaper, a view was expressed that Bearpark and the word hideous go together. My reaction was – I hope not. In any case people make a village, not the buildings. It never struck me that Bearpark was hideous. Is there anyone out there, without hidden agenda or  prejudice, with a view they can share with us?

Sleetburn has not always been flattered by the press or even the occasional ex resident, but it has character and much of its population seem to possess quiet dignity as well as a generous slice of commonsense. I recall that its working men’s club suffered graffiti back in 1998: the artist, or artists, lacked  merit – but other than that problem Sleetburn looked an unassuming village of worthies. No doubt it had, and has, its share of young ‘whatevers’ but in time they will grow up, and hopefully some of them will contribute to the community, thanks to government intervention, and in some cases by virtue of their own efforts. Mind you they should not expect positive Tory assistance without a big stink and a big fight.  There again it is a funny old world; imagine the Tories helping the poor and/or disadvantaged, and Newcastle United winning the Premiership in 2011 – now those hopes are on a par.

After all my huffing and puffing, but not because of it, Labour might win the election. If so perhaps it can offer Vince Cable a Cabinet post.


The 1911 Census

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Having experienced the initial thrill of  ‘walking’ around the streets of Victorian Ushaw Moor and Sleetburn at ten yearly intervals, by virtue of an Ancestry package, I now have the prospect of doing the same in a back to the future 1911!

The pay as you go 1911 experience is already available – but from October 21st on tap total access, at your leisure, can be a reality by subscribing to the following facility on the Internet site:

There is no full stop after .com!

Some exciting blurb tells me that:

–It is the first census where there is a form for every household rather than just a street-by-street summary: you get your own ancestor’s handwriting

–It is over ten times larger than the 1901 census

–It has glorious technicolour images, more personal details to help you built up your tree and even details of deceased children.


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