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An Alternative Magnificent Seven

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The three older children at the back – from left to right – Ethel Hope [married Arthur Hodgson] Ada Bainbridge [married Fred Hume] Lilian Hope [married Mathew Bell  and then later, after divorce – Don Albone]

Then the two ‘little uns – twins – Norman Hope and Doreen Hope.

Finally at the bottom Jennie and Vera Bainbridge.

The photograph must have been taken in  c1939. 

If you can recall any of the magnificent seven by all means share your memories on this site.

You can enlarge the photo by clicking the mouse on it.

Photograph courtesy of Valerie Bainbridge and the necessary ‘magic’ to scan and place it in front of you -provided by my son David.


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Sleetburn Lilleys’ Plus A Big LBW Decision

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Back in the early 1900s the Lilley family were living at 5  Bewley Terrace, which is very close to New Brancepeth Post Office. Basically the family were from Rainton but had lived in Sleetburn for some considerable years. There was John and his wife Ann, with their children John George  and Jane Anna. Also in the house were John’s parents i.e. John and Elizabeth together with his brother Thomas. There was also a servant – Catherine Jeffrey. Does anyone know anything further about this family?

In 1969 I was umpiring a single wicket competition and found that my half brother was bowling medium fast, from my end, to my best mate at the time – David Shield. I had already turned down one of Colin’s lbw appeals but then it happened: [1] pitching between wicket to wicket [2] no evidence of swing or movement in any of Colin’s bowling that day – including the key delivery [3] the delivery first pitched on David’s boot which was on the popping crease and right in front of the stumps. I was in a lose lose situation – being a half brother and best mate situation. Decision – out lbw. If you are a cricket lover what is your viewpoint? Was he out or not?  


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