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Some Memories of growing up in Ushaw Moor

September 1, 2009 4 comments

Well I thought it was about time I shared my memories of growing up in Ushaw Moor.  My earliest memories of growing up in Ushaw Moor consist mainly of Tarzan Swings exploring College Woods and looking for birds nests. As I recall I never was bored unlike a lot of the kids today who seem constantly bored.

The mid eighties brought my mates and I out first exploration into Home Computers, I remember Ian Ditchburn being the first to get a ZX80 the machine before the Sinclair zX81, I remember owning this machine and being amazed after spending hours typing a BASIC program that simply showed the time, and accidently knocking it and loosing everything. I managed to upgrade the internal memory from 1KB to 16Kb, and playing 3D Monster Chase which had to be loaded from tape. Shortly after I upgraded to the Sincalir Spectrum which was iconic machine but very basic at today’s standards, but it was amazing to us at the time with colour graphics and sound, its amazing to think that now I can play those same games on my phone.

A lot time I spent cycling around the Deerness Valley I have fond memories a 10 speed Tensor Racer I had and the speed I managed to attain going along the College Road. I think I was always a “speed freak”, I recall the time when I was only a few years old and flew down Bannerman Hill on a tiny little toy car, only just stopping at the junction, just as well as I would have no doubt been splattered. I haven’t really stopped cycling, I regularly cycle along most of the disused railway paths in the county and especially along the Deerness Valley.

Friends I remember from Ushaw Moor include Alan Dawson, Anthony Towers, Ian Ditchburn, Tony and Terry Nyland, Graham Seymour, Ian Stangroom with which we tended to be mucking about on Tarzan Swings in the College Woods.

Anyway I better get some work done,, sorry for the short content , more next time,,,I hope this jogs some more memories for visitors.

Paul Clough

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