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Loose Cannon With Another Blank Sheet Of Paper

July 21, 2009 2 comments

I have just had a good breakfast of porridge [sprinkled with brown sugar] and a banana. That should keep me going and help to prevent over eating today.  Why might I overeat? My family has just lost a member of the extended family in tragic circumstances. Elderly and lovable Peter. He was a very young junior Army officer towards the end of WW2 and very much a ‘giver’ rather than a ‘taker’ in life. He had been terminally ill. Very few people inspire me – Harry Barlow is one, and the Army officer that gave that famous speech to his troops in Iraq is another. Peter is yet another; if I was half the man I would be delighted. He was a wit. He was an educated man despite not having the benefit of formal higher education. I would have given him an honours degree in human decency, and life radiance, if given the power to do so.

I have just read bits of the Times. We are told that the electorate will welcome a Tory cut is public spending. One comment by a member of the public said he could trust the Tories far more on cuts. In one sense he is surely right; they are the master cutters – but personally I would not trust George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, to deal wisely with the contents of the purse that I found in Durham Road, Ushaw Moor in the 1950s.

I celebrate the ‘Memories Section’, and long may it continue, but I cannot help thinking that from time to time each one of us – the metaphorical grey people – real or imagined – should also highlight our ongoing achievements. I do not mean take the opportunity to boast, rather to announce the achievement of little things. Take Alf, he could record that he had learnt to cook a particular dish or remember the words of a certain song if he aint no cook!  Any thoughts?

I sometimes worry that perhaps 15% of my postings are not in fact Ushaw Moor memories at all – and that although some readers might think that type of contribution interesting, others might find it tedious. Have you a view? I can take it on the chin. 


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