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More On Local Lads In WW1 Theatres Of War

While the Ushaw Moor miners were striving manfully [and with courage] to fuel the war there were lads from the area showing conspicious bravery. An example is Fred Hopper; he had an unusual view of the war, being an aerial gunner in the Royal Flying Corps. On 10th of October 1918 he got a mention in a London Gazette  supplement which confirmed his award of the Military Medal [MM]. That award was created in 1916 and was the equivalent of the DFC and MC. You have probably seen the film that portrays lads of the RFC. I believe that Michael York starred in it. If you go to www.ivanberryman.co.uk you will find further information and art regarding the likes of Mr Hopper’s working conditions.

James Kirkup was also awarded the MM for bravery, at Ypres in 1917. I seem to recall that a local newspaper reported that his medal had been stolen a few years after the war; it ended well when his mother, a resident of Ushaw Moor, received a duplicate.

I wonder whether William and Margaret Kirkup were in some way related to James Kirkup. Back in 1901 they lived in the vicinity together with their children George, John and Ernest. 


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