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Halls Of ‘Residence’

July 12, 2009 1 comment

Taken literally I could mention Hall Avenue, Broom Hall Drive, Flass Hall and Broom Hall Farm, but that it not quite what I had in mind.

Back at the start of the 20th century there were a few people in Ushaw Moor called Hall. Three that I know about were:  [1] John Hall of 10 Temperance Terrace; he was in his 60s by then and and living in the household of widow Mary Stephenson. I believe he was her uncle [2] Teenager George Hall was living in the household of Mr and Mrs Chapman at Cockhouse Farm and [3]Wiliam Hall, a grandson, was living in the household of Mr and Mrs Carling at 10 West Street.

In 1912 a seventeen year old, Robert Hall, collapsed and died at work: it was of natural causes, not a pit accident.

Moving on to 1914 I know that a Mr W Hall, Ushaw Moor Colliery’s checkweighman, was elected as representative to the  Trades Union Congress;  I understand that was the only year in its history [ from 1868]  that the TUC Congress  had to cancel the event – no doubt owing to the outbreak of WW1.     

I personally recall a young John Hall. He attended the same school as me and was in form 4a. He was bright, not very tall and loved a Woodbine! Sadly [I am told]  he died at an early age.   

I seem to recall a lad called Eddie Hall. If I am right he was a good football player for Ushaw Moor County School, just a bit before I played for them. I believe he went on to play for Ushaw Moor Juniors; no doubt someone will put be right about that if I am wrong.  

We must not forget Sheila Hall. Sheila is known to this site and has made valued contributions to it.


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