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You Couldn’t Make It Up – Part 2

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I telephoned an old work colleague a couple of days ago – having got his phone number off the net. I had neither seen nor had contact with him since 1964. I had worked with him during the period 1961 – 1964 and was very quick to point out who I was, and that I would not keep him very long. After the initial courtesies the conversation went something like this:

Yes I remember you George – you wore glasses and spent some of your duties by collecting rents [for the National Coal Board]. I recall you were also a fan of Whitehaven Rugby League Club and worked on the turnstiles for them. Do you remember Nick Hayton? He worked in the same office as us and one day scored a try against high flying Wigan [yes he agreed]. We used to frequent the same cafe in Duke Street at lunch time [yes he agreed]. Do you remember Billy? I believe he died when quite young [yes he agreed]. It went on like this for a few more minutes and finished with him saying to me  ‘unfortunately I do not remember you” 

During the last few years I have had to correct both the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph and the Derby County Official Site in respect of Derby County’s honours board. One had forgotten to list Derby winning the Third Division North Championship in 1956/7 and the other had failed to list the Rams achievement of getting to a European Cup semi final in the 70s [even though they thought in suitable to list a semi final appearance in a domestic competition] .

I did not get any pleasure from telling the above bodies about their errors, just as I do not get any pleasure in spotting an error in a report on Paul’s site regarding Ushaw Moor pit’s closure date. From memory it related to the Roundy feature. In that article it gives the impression that the mine closed long after its 1960 closure date. I think it was a Mike Amos article. He is a very good journalist so perhaps someone has unintentionally misled him or perhaps it was a red hot day – the sort of day when errors occur because of a fried brain situation. 

I enjoyed Peter’s banter about my sub Boycott/Bailey cricket. Well I have to tell him that although I had good days when my shots flashed to the boundary there was one incident that I wish I could forget! During a Tyneside Senior League game the bowler became so agitated with my defensive tactics that he resorted to bowling one delivery under arm. It was not illegal to do so, but I suspect that was the first such delivery for many, many decades. Shame on me. Shame and more shame. I just resumed what I was doing and was at the wicket for another 45 minutes. No he did not dismiss me. 


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