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Has Blogging Gone Out Of Fashion?

June 15, 2009 1 comment

The memories site has gone very quiet. Is it because of the holiday season? Did our usual writers make the collective mistake of all being on the same scenic coach tour in the Alps at a time when the driver was having a bad day? A very, very, bad day. Perhaps the nursing home Internet facilities used  by our writers have failed, or worse, been withdrawn because of inappropriate use. 

The last few weeks on the memories section have been like a Sunday in the 50s. In those days cars were less frequent and their drivers almost always well behaved. If you did not have a driving licence you might have bought a Wall’s ice cream, in that shop sixty yards further down from the Ushaw Moor Workingmen’s  Club,  before stopping at the beck for a chat and a cigarette. Ofcourse you might have been doing anything.

 If you were a youngish parent you might have been expressing, very passionately, your love for your other half while your existing offspring could be found at Sunday School.

The older parents might have been drinking Camp coffee, or worse, eating jelly or tinned  orange segments.

From where did Vicar Welby get his sermons? Can anyone remember any of his key messages? Love one another would have done the business, although loving your neighbour might have been problematic for some.

Perhaps some of you were on a coach tour to the Spanish City at Whitley Bay.  If it was late in the year you might have been on your way to Sunderland Illuminations. Anyone have any recollections of those events? 


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