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Memories Of The Police

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We can start with Jock the policeman. He rebuked my bicycle riding uncle  for colliding with his police motor bike outside Broughs – even though it was during  a very murky dark evening back in WW2.

Then there was the 1980s miners’ strike. One newspaper reported an allegation that police officers taunted striking, and unpaid, miners by fingering and/ or flashing five pound notes within sight of the miners. If true that was a touch provocative.

Then there was a contact of mine, going about their lawful business, who told me that  their car had been accidentally damaged by the police during their chase of some suspicious person. My contact allegedly had a bit of difficulty getting compensation out of the police for the damage to the car.

1987 Reading v Derby. I was walking to the railway station after the game and heard a policeman say something very similiar to ‘look at those Derby fans coming out of the stadium , they are animals’ I told him they were well behaved and that he was mistaken. His reply was ‘I suggest you move on sir’ That was a very cerebral reply, don’t you think?

This is not a rant at the police merely an article stimulated by the latest reports in the media concerning the recent G20 demonstration in London. I find it worrying. Police are our servants not masters. A newspaper  took that last phrase right out of my mouth.

Actually the great majority of police staff are doing highly commendable work. They are prepared to do tasks that a lot of people would not contemplate; tasks that require various qualities such as  sensitivity,  intelligence, courage, patience and a lot more. So whilst I can dredge up a few alleged aspects of unsatisfactory  police behaviour we could not do without them. We should be thankful for the great number of commendable deeds  they perform – day in day out.


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