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Looking Foward to 2089

This post is an experiment and experiments with chemistry can be dangerous. My vision of 2089 created by the brainstorming method is:

Flying people become common place by means of computerised machines. Collisions are almost impossible.

Every town and village has nominated farms producing wholesome food. The number of farms is dependent upon the size of each place.

Local professional football leagues are back thus reducing  travel miles. Sixteen in all. The champions of each of those leagues then meet in a knock out competition called the FA Cup.

All exotic financial instruments banned/criminalized by the Streamlined Financial Simplicity Board [SFSB]

Stylish beards are now the norm

Stats are produced and fully publized that show the details of ‘charity giving’ by all people earning the new maximum annual salary of 300k [2009 equivalent 100k]

All religious denominations to meet under one  roof. Each religion is provided with a room of their own within that building. Not unlike Woolworth’s pick and mix

All night shift work banned on health grounds. The CBI do not like this latest move

All awards other than the VC  and GC are banned thus causing uproar

Political Correctness revised and diluted

Supermarkets nationalized but profits down

Drug companies cannot refuse to produce a drug if the Liberal Goverment insist upon its production

Astrologers pilloried in the stocks

Vince Cable awarded the VCGC – a cross between the VC and the GC

West Auckland win the World Cup for the THIRD time – beating West Germany 4-2

Eastenders replaced by a new soap called “Laughter Makes You Live Longer’


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