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That’s Easter Over

April 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Well that’s Easter over. I imagine that most people have a need for spirituality but I will probably only get it by virtue of the Rambling Association. Listening to the Chief Rabbi, Catholic Archbishop, and the Archbishop of Canterbury fills me with despair. Canterbury has the cheek to tell me that there is a current fascination with the lives of monks and nuns that may draw me into their way of living. There is no chance of that happening Archbishop.


My main memory of last week was my internal rehearsing of a speech that is likely to be needed in the not too distant future. Such contemplation needs to be done in tranquil surroundings, like a canal towpath, and that is exactly where it was done. The start sounds promising:

“Hello and welcome to……

There are two schools of thought about my speech making. The first school thinks I am witty, informative and entertaining. The second school winces and puts fingers in ears. Well today I am going to take the middle ground…..”


Yes that ought to make them sit up.


It is Alf that should post an article about pigeons. He is an authority. From what I recall there is a very prominent Belgian pigeon fancier, cum breeder, that he can write about. What about WW1? Is it the case that pigeons were used as a means of communication during that war?


I am truly astonished that someone as bright and well educated as Tony Blair can hold such bizarre views of the next world. And this is despite the benefit of a comparatively recent Oxford University education. It would not ordinarily annoy me were it not for the fact that he has so many people wishing to listen to him. It does reinforce what I already know – that we should not be overawed by the Establishment but should think for ourselves. 


I am pleased with the sum total of this site. It gives some coherent history of the village rather than just bits and pieces. Although my article today is chatty I really do need to introduce further history and memories of the village. I am not a paid journalist although sometimes I probably have the appearance of a provincial hack. I need to get my house in order to please the likes of Alf. Now Alf about those pigeons….




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