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April 1959 And Other Bits

April 11th 1959 was a big day for eleven young Ushaw Moor lads who took on league champions Waterhouses Modern and out played them. The full report is on site so I will not dwell on that. Playing in that cup final has however heightened my memory of that day. I recall that Sunderland were in the Second Division and drew at home to  Rotherham United. Newcastle earned a point in an entertaining draw at WBA and Derby County were sunk 0-3 at home to Middlesbrough. I also recall that on that day Glasgow Rangers lost at, I believe, Hearts. I think it was the ‘Limp Along Leslie’ connection that has helped me to recall that. Leslie had a limp and a sheep dog according to The Wizard boys magazine; he always enthralled me with his wing play for Rangers, as did Bouncing Briggs, a goalie that never conceded a goal whilst playing in the English League. Briggs should be in goal today for Derby, at Sheffield Wednesday, even though Derby’s Bywater is a good goalie in his own right.

The weather in Ushaw Moor and Bearpark was quite good exactly 50 years ago today. I recall a slight breeze and a pale sun. There was no rain. I imagine it was the same for Sleetburn.

50 years plus a handful of days ago Ushaw Moor Modern School opened. Again there are several references to that on site so I will not dwell.  I always think of CV’s when I recall the school. Lovely school – lovely form 4A – but not much good for the old CV. I believe that one old boy, I have forgotten his name, called it Deerness Valley Comprehensive on his CV – but of course that might have been a memory problem rather than a self conscious minor transgression. Which brings me onto its current name. I admire the current school’s efforts to try and transform the attitude and fortunes of Ushaw Moor’s young –  but the school name is beyond my understanding. Durham Community Business College? Am I correct in believing that is its current name? Right/whatever – as my kids might have said a few years ago. 


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