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Easter Quiz

April 9, 2009 Leave a comment

So how attentive have you been? How good is your memory? Let’s see with this weather busting mini quiz. Is it shining or raining up there?

Q1 What illness caused Tot Hope’s demise?

Q2 Bill and Peggy Gray had one child. What was his name?

Q3 Who was the manager of New Brancepeth pit in 1950?

Q4 There is a brilliant description of the Durham Miners’ Gala on site. Who was the author?

Q5 Who murdered Thomas Pyle in 1882?

Q6 Which team did Ushaw Moor Cricket Club play in an effort for the Morrison Pit Relief Fund in1947?

Q7 What was Pudding Henderson’s home used for – apart from being a home?

Q8 Sleetburn’s excellent coking coal supplied the Cochrane  iron works at……?

Q9 In terms of sporting achievements what have Sally Rawlings, Joanne Pipe and Julie Mayhew got in common?

Q10 In which year was Harry Barlow born?

7-10 correct Brilliant

6 Credit due

5 Pass

1-4 Back to the drawing board


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