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Durham Technical College 1 Sacriston Juniors 6

April 8, 2009 2 comments

I played for the college that day back in the autumn of 1960. It was my best game ever – for any team. Doddery I am not – illustrious footballer I am not.

I played in the left full back position that day and althought Sacriston’s right winger was a handful he never once got past me. The unusual thing about it was that I had to resort to sliding tackles to disposess him. It must have been 9/9 successful sliding tackles – all into touch. The ball that is.

About ten minutes before the following week’s game I was told ‘” a manager has come especially to watch you play'” I thought big  and grand- Charlie Mitten – it must be Charlie Mitten the Newcastle United manager. Actually I was a bit unnerved by that news and certainly did not play as well as I had done the previous week. It turned out that the manager concerned was the Sacriston Juniors manager! 

This article, whilst  a true one, is just a filler until YOU post an article. I love this site but I also fear for it. I cannot go on much longer owing to commitments but think it so important that articles flow. We surely do not want to see the memories section – like so many sites elsewhere – grind to a standstill – or virtual standstill. Words are fun. Memories can be fun. History is important. Heritage is important. There are grand  people out there with a thirst for your knowledge of the village – not forgetting dear old Sleetburn. Your site needs you. What did you do in the memories site war daddy?

It’s ok – I have not lost my marbles I am currently studying WW1.Vera Brittain – what a grand woman she was.


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