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This article has a very brief and simple title, but it is not a simple subject. What are memories? What uses do they have? Can they be trusted? I wish to explore it with you because [1] it is a complex subject and [2] I am not an expert.

We know that memories are retained by the brain. If that were not the case we would forget how to do the most simple tasks as well as very difficult ones. In short we could not function! Do you agree that memories can be selective? The sun did NOT always shine in 40s and 50s Ushaw Moor. It often rained!

People sometimes try to block out dreadful memories and it is known that occasionally they succeed. Apart from blocking there might be inaccurate memories. An example might be my experience when playing against Shotley Bridge Cricket Club. For decades I have been able to ‘recall’  that I was conned out by its wicketkeeper. I was always good at knowing where my off stump was and I know for a ‘fact’ that the bowler did not hit that stump. When the keeper shouted well done to the bowler – he cheated. The ball had hit his pads and then hit the wicket. But is my version correct? Yes it bleeding is! 

Last year I was awarded a distinction for a history essay. That gave me a sort of  breezy confidence. The fact that for years I have been hopeless at reverse parking has been blocked and located in the VERY deepest part of my brain – only coming to the surface a few moments ago.  

In 1979 I lived in London. A friend invited me to his home in Bolton. The plan was to take in the Bolton Wanderers v Derby County game the following day. He had only recently moved to Bolton. He gave me his address – something like Blackburn Road. By the time I got to Bolton I could not remember the name of the road. Was it Bolton Road? Perhaps it was Bury Road. What about Blackpool Road? I suppose it could have been Preston Road.  If I told you that I never even got to the match you would not believe me, so I will not claim that.

Golden memories are important. Can you imagine being very elderly and realising that not only had you achieved very little but also that you had little in the way of good memories. I do not intend to allow that to happen to me. 

If you would like to comment on this article, or have found aspects of it disturbing, by all means make your comment. I am big enough to take your mirth or ribbing.


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