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Yale University Comes To Ushaw Moor

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What has Yale got to do with Ushaw Moor and in particular the memories section? That is a  reasonable question! For the moment let us talk about eternity. Were you one of the many people who got caught with a parking fine in 1953 because of your attendance at the film ‘From Here To Eternity?’ Lots of people did get caught. Durham City simply did not have the parking facilities to enable all drivers to park legally. It really was a popular film  in the 50s. It starred Burt Lancaster [1913-1994] Montgomery Clift [1920-1966] Deborah Kerr [1921-1998] Frank Sinatra [1915-1998] and one or two more. 

Sticking with eternity, and getting back to Yale, I would like you to consider immortality, which of course is closely linked to eternity. By going into the Internet, and listening to [and seeing] Professor Shelly Kagan of Yale University, you can think further about the past and the future. It is a level 1 university course and therefore, in my opinion, within the comfort range of both the mature average  brain and the younger keen set. You can get to it by putting the two words – Academic Earth – into Google’s general search box [forget www. etc]. Once in click on the subject philosophy [from the left hand side subject choices]. Then click on lecture 19.

Lecture 19 begins with an exploration of the question of whether it is desirable to live for ever under the right circumstances, and turns to consideration of some alternative theories of the nature of well being. What makes life worth living? The lecture explores it in a fairly straight forward way.

My preconceived views entirely matched those of Professor Kagan and for that I am thrilled!  Do not be put off by the fact that it is a Yale University lecture. Professor Kagan is a brilliant lecturer and  even if you have not studied at university level, or GCE A level, you will understand him!

Wilfie Bell brings free Yale University lectures to your attention  – a prestigious American university!  Who would have believed that possible when back in 1960  the Government felt the majority of Ushaw Moor scholars could cope with little more than domestic science, woodwork and such like.  

For me immortality is dross! I do not want to live for ever! I will  now leave you to Professor Kagan. At least I hope you give him a whirl. If by the way you are already familiar with the site I apologise for wasting your time. Some feedback from you would be nice! 


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