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Debate the ‘7’/Pigeons/Genner/Scott Family

March 17, 2009 11 comments

Well we have two more candidates for the Magnificent 7 list: Dr Millyard and Billy Dawson. Let’s hope for more!

With regards to pigeons I would be very pompous and ill informed to write about that subject when faced with the decades of knowledge that Alf Rothwell has about the subject. One of the best websites specializing in pigeons is at and as a matter of fact Alf has contributed to that very good site himself.

Sticking briefly with pigeons I note that  last year a chap called Gary mentioned on a website – I forget which one – that he would be pleased to hear from anyone who may be related to him. He pointed out that his wider  family lived in the Bearpark and Ushaw Moor locality and included such surnames as Holliday, Harrison, Turner, Pearson and Rothwell. One name that seems to stick in my mind regarding pigeons is Mcaleavey or similiar – that may well be an incorrect spelling – Alf will probably know whether that name has Ushaw Moor pigeon connections.

You may recall that I gave a Mr Aaron Genner a mention or two in an article regarding the year 1928. Does anyone know of the Genner family for historical purposes? I know that there were two Aaron Genner’s in the locality back in 1900 – believe it or not! It may be that Aaron’s wife was called Mary.

The Scott family lived in 20 Unthank Terrace, Sleetburn about 50 years before I did. Just to remind you I lived their in the late 1940s and 50s. The Scott family  was large – comprising: husband Samuel, wife Sarah and their nine children – John, William, Ellen, Mary, Sarah, Samuel, Abel, Lily and Charlotte. Any current trace of their descendents in the Deerness Valley?  


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