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If Witton Park Can Do It So Can Ushaw Moor

March 14, 2009 1 comment

Almost nine years ago  Witton Park had a fantastic reunion. A huge number of people, filled with community spirit and joy, returned from far and wide e.g. Australia, New Zealand, America, Holland, Belgium, Zambia and all parts of the UK. It was a joyous and wonderful reunion. Dale Daniel organised it by using the power of the Internet. Has Ushaw Moor got a ‘Dale Daniel’ that can produce something similiar for Ushaw Moor?

I can see it now: it’s the year 2010. There is a big marquee on the Ushaw Moor football pitch [is it still there or is it a housing estate now?] drinks supplied by Ushaw Moor Cricket Club – thus providing them with a tidy sum for cricket equipment – a photographic section for viewing old pictures and creating new ones plus the finest of music to suit all tastes. We could even get the Tees Valley Jazzmen to perform – now they are a good bunch of musicians!  Sunshine will be the order of the day with many half recognized people and old friends to chat with…..

What do you think? Who is the Dale Daniel of Ushaw Moor? It has to be someone living in or reasonably close to Ushaw Moor – so it cannot be me. Mind you I would attend! 


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